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Dr  Ali Tavakoli Kashani

Dr Ali Tavakoli Kashani

Office Number: 77803100
Properties Fields of Interest Offered Courses
Academic Rank Associate Professor Traffic Safety
School Name Civil Engineering Road Safety Analysis
Position Advanced Statistics and Probability

Student under Supervision

Series Student Name Student Degree Title of Project Co-Supervisor(s)
1 Kamran Zandi PhD -------------------
2 Mohammad Mehdi Besharati PhD -------------------
3 Moslem Azizi Bondarabadi PhD -------------------

Selected Papers

Year Journal Title Article Title Authors
2013 Journal of Transportation Safety and Security Development of Head-On Conflict Model for Overtaking Maneuvers on Two-Lane Rural Roads Using Inductive Loop Detectors Ali Tavakoli Kashani, Afshin Shariat Mohaymany,
2015 International Journal of Injury Control and Safety Promotion Fatality rate of pedestrians and fatal crash involvement rate of drivers in pedestrian crashes a case study of Iran Ali Tavakoli Kashani, Mohaammad Mehdi Besharati
2017 Archives of Environmental and Occupational Health Factors contributing to intercity commercial bus drivers crash involvement risk Mohaammad Mehdi Besharati, Ali Tavakoli Kashani
2017 International Journal of Civil Engineering Identifying the Most Important Factors in the At-Fault Probability of Motorcyclists by Data Mining Based on Classification Tree Models Mohammadbagher Anvari, Ali Tavakoli Kashani, Rahim Rabieyan
2018 International Journal of Transportation Engineering An investigation on crash worthiness of different vehicle brands a case study of rollover crashes Hesam Arefkhani, Ali Tavakoli Kashani