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Dr  Peyman Kabiri

Dr Peyman Kabiri

Properties Fields of Interest Offered Courses
Academic Rank Assitant Professor Cybersecurity Remote Sensing
School Name Computer Engineering Remote Sensing Secure Computer Systems
Position Multi-Valued Logic Protection Systems and Methods For Computer Networks

Student under Supervision

Series Student Name Student Degree Title of Project Co-Supervisor(s)
1 Davar Ahmadpour MSc Detection of MAC Address Spoofing in Wi-Fi Networks in Presence of Legitimate Client and Attacker
2 Ali Mokhtari PhD Design and Implementation of Arithmetic Unit using Multi Valued Logic
3 Mojtaba Mostafavi MSc Detection of repetitive and irregular hypercalls attacks from guest VM to hypervisor in cloud computing environment

Selected Papers

Year Journal Title Article Title Authors
2018 Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining Camera Pose Estimation in Unknown Environments using a Sequence of Wide-Baseline Monocular Images Seyyed Ali Hoseini, Peyman Kabiri
2017 Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Automobile engine condition monitoring using sound emission Hamid Ghaderi, Peyman Kabiri
2017 Intelligent Data Analysis Scalable data-driven modeling of spatio-temporal systems Weather forecasting Mohsen Moshki, Peyman Kabiri, Alireza Mohebalhojeh
2017 CYBERNETICS AND SYSTEMS An Adaptive and Cost-based Intrusion Response System Sirous Kourki nejat, Peyman Kabiri
2016 Signal Image and Video Processing Multispectral MRI Image Segmentation Using Markov Random Field Model Ali Ahmadvand, Peyman Kabiri