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Dr  Reza Saadati

Dr Reza Saadati

Office Number: 02173225421
Mobile Number: 09120209720
Properties Fields of Interest Offered Courses
Academic Rank Associate Professor Random Operator theory Functional Analysis
School Name Mathematics Department Fuzzy Mathematical Analysis Mathematical Analysis
Position Fixed point and Stability Real Analysis

Student under Supervision

Series Student Name Student Degree Title of Project Co-Supervisor(s)
1 Reza Chaharpashlou PhD On the stability of stochastic differential equations in fuzzy Banach spaces
2 Roghaye Azari Takami MSc -------------------
3 Armin Nosrati MSc -------------------

Selected Papers

Year Journal Title Article Title Authors
2015 New York Journal of Mathematics On geometrical properties of noncommutative modular function spaces Ghadir Sadeghi, Reza Saadati
2015 Mediterranean Journal of Mathematics Existence of Solutions for a Differential Inclusion by Multivalued Probabilistic Order Contraction Z. Sadeghi, S. M. Vaezpour, Reza Saadati
2014 JOURNAL OF INEQUALITIES AND APPLICATIONS Set-valued mappings in partially ordered fuzzy metric spaces , , Choonkil Park, Reza Saadati, C Vetro
2015 Revista de la Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas Fisicas y Naturales Serie A-Matematicas Approximate ( alpha beta gamma)-derivation on random Lie C*-algebras Reza Saadati, Themistocles M Rassias, Yeol Je Cho
2017 JOURNAL OF INEQUALITIES AND APPLICATIONS Approximation of the multiplicatives on random multi-normed space Ravi P Agarwal, Reza Saadati, Ali Salamati