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Dr  Salman Movahedirad

Dr Salman Movahedirad

Properties Fields of Interest Offered Courses
Academic Rank Associate Professor
School Name Chemical, Petroleum and Gas Engineering

Selected Papers

Year Journal Title Article Title Authors
2017 KOREAN JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Prediction of the self-diffusion coefficients in aqueous KCl solution using molecular dynamics A comparative study of two force fields MohammadAmin Esmaeilbeig, Salman Movahedirad
2018 POWDER TECHNOLOGY Pressure wave attenuation in agas solid fluidized bed Effects of particles size density and the electrostatic charge Kamal Nosrati, Salman Movahedirad, Mohammad Amin Sobati
2018 KOREAN JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Some general aspects of a gas-solid fluidized bed using digital image analysis Mahdi Salehi asl, Saeed Azhgan, Salman Movahedirad
2017 ULTRASONICS SONOCHEMISTRY Continuous-flow ultrasound assisted oxidative desulfurization (UAOD) process An efficient diesel treatment by injection of the aqueous phase Masoud Rahimi, Shahrokh Shahhosseini, Salman Movahedirad